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Clayvard provides Asset Management services to institutional clients in venues where we are regulated (we are currently regulated as an Investment Advisor in the USA, and as a Mutual Fund Manager in the British Virgin Islands). In territories where we are not currently regulated, we generally partner with regulated local companies to fulfil client requirements as needed.

Our principal services relate to the creation and management of fully bespoke portfolios that meet the needs of each institutional client. To do this, we have invested heavily in creating a proprietary management platform called Qarma. Clayvard split off the Qarma intellectual property into a separate company known as Qarma Technology Limited in 2008, but still holds a majority interest in the company, as well as exclusive sales rights globally.

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In early 2014 we helped launch NeoCrumb, LLC in the United States to promote an innovative new family of products for the plastics industry. Using a proprietary process, we have been able to bond rubber from recycled tires with virgin/recycled plastic on a molecular level to create an entirely new composite compound.

We call this product PolyCrumb, which comes in the form of granular pellets – similar to existing products used in plastic extrusion and injection molding machinery – and has multiple applications in the plastics industry.

Our vision is to create a company that produces a family of products made from recycled tires and plastic with enough industrial uses to consume the tires being cut up and placed in landfills in America today, all while providing above market returns to our shareholders.

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